prank EvenT for my farewell (BY old time band's brother) DAY 3

wake up at early morning 8am to fetch my grandma to island hospital. reach at island hospital at 9.15am sumthg due to stupid traffic jam!! hate traffic jam so much but nvm, i wont drive a car anymore for coming 6 month ^^..
after dropping my grandma at island hospital, i went to settle all my money for this germany trip, finally i got RM3892.00 in my citi bank account, hope i can survive with those money..
went back to fetch my grandma at 11.30am and grandma wanted to go sunshine.. for so many years i nvr been there d, sunshine farlim.. so we went to sunshine and it did not open yet, lolx.. we wait until 12pm, the sunshine opened. we take a short walk, grandma bought some "pong pia" and some coffee.. 
we went back after that, it's about 1.30pm sumthg..
take my lunch, back home prepare all my stuff, camera, hand phone, cash, credit card, i called juin yu to go out earlier as the farewell dinner is on 7.30pm and i wanted to buy some stuff. so, at around 2.45pm, after webbie with my lovely fernny, i went out to fetch juin you, and straight we go to Prangin mall.. lolx..
straight i went to 5th floor to buy the headphone i saw on sunday. bought it with RM70.00 and d original price is RM79.00.. seems like i improve my skill of bargain. huhu.. after that we went to watson to buy some stuff for my germany trip, i bought shampoo, body shampoo, tooth paste, lip gloss, wash face eh, moisturizer, lotion, cotton bot and vitamin C, dis cost me around RM115.00.. zzzz!! so expensive, suddenly feel like "mom always bought such expensive thgs!?" after paying the money, we take a walk at prangin mall as juin yu was finding the price for htc desire HD.. lolx. 
after a few minute walk, we went to tesco, also cause of i need to buy somethg for germany trip..
reach tesco and we have a walk, and i bought some milo, sambal undang, and some pack of tea herbal chicken marination packing thgs..
time flies, few more minute, it's 6.45pm already, we pay for the thgs and we go to queensbay, reach at 7.00pm. we went to NIPPON japanese restaurant make the booking 1st for 7 people, 7.45pm and we go for a walk.. look around.. talk... 
the time was 7.45pm, we went in NIPPON, and wait for their arrive.. 
wei zheng, chun wen, and yi pin arrive then.. they come in and we started our conversation as usual, we talk lots of rubbish, take photo, take lots of stupid video.. the whole restaurant was surrounded by our noise. lol..
we take our order 1st and after that, tse meng and chuan yong reached. so, continue, our rubbish talk and the food is here, even when we are eating, we still talking non stop.. the food there was nice, chili ramen (soup) was supreme hot n spicy. the soup of it still got leveling, top level 40, and we challenge level 20..( it enough to die).. there are some picture of us.. enjoy~
 the menu~

 trying to take some artistic photo, but.. hope..

 see those face? u can imagine how crazy we are.. ^^

 i feel this more nicer ler

 my food~ katsu don and some salmon.. damn enjoy~

 level 20! lolx

 Japanese dumpling

 wei zheng order katsu wad wad set.. (japanese name) lol

 another japanese name food.. zz

another japanese name food AGAIN~

after finish up our food, we ask a staff from the restaurant to take a group photo, but it ends up like this.. 

so u know wad this mean?

after the sound 1,2,3, he press on the snap button but he din realize he just press a video record before this. zz. the staff there prank us with his stupidity group photo shooting skill! lol.. we laugh at this and repeating see this "group photo".. 
we went out of the restaurant and we cant stop laughing all this prank prank thg had happen.
we took alot of video, video can be found at my facebook profile and this 

 have a walk walk and talk talk, and we also went in boders book store.. 
look at those magazine and those prank prank books, lol.. we laugh again.. 


even in the book store, we still cant control our noise as we are still laughing abt  all these prank stuff.. all people around are staring at us. zz 
we walk at queensbay until the whole queensbay at closing operation, around 10.30pm and we went off to some place to drinks.. drinks means coffee or tea, no alcohol.. xD

 take order. milo panas~~ wuuu~~~

ikan pangang (quite fail)

we went to a small malay stall place, the scene there are quite nice and windy..  we order some drinks and food. the food there are not nice.. drinks are too but scene are nice, cause behind was the sea and can see the penang bridge and pulau jerejak nicely...
finally, time going to 12am, we all are going back.. i fetching yi pin and all going back home..
i get alot of wishes from them, safe trip, gud luck everythg, feel so happy and touching.. 
before leaving, of cz, a group photo, this time was a real group photo, no more prank..

my lovely prank brothers~

send yi pin home and i also went back home.. reach home safely on 12.45am sumthg..
feel so glad and happy, i have a 3 days farewell party with those prank prank brothers...
im here to thanks all of my brothers..


thanks all of u guys, u guys really made my days, 3days.. thanks u all.. i wont forgot u guys.. will prank with u guys again when i return~ JANGAN TUNGGU LAGIIIIII~ (my favorite quote when i was too high ^^) 

the day end with webbie with fernny and some tears drop on my pillow cause of missing every single thgs in PENANG.
. miss u guys alwayzzzzz..~


prank EvenT for my farewell (BY old time band's brother) DAY 2

10.04.2011 (day 2 of prank event)
woke up in the early morning again.. just like yesterday.. wake up in 7.45 in the morning..
rush into bathroom to bath. lol.
pack all my thgs, swimining trunk, goggle, tower, and everythg...
today we going BUKIT MERAH~~ wuhoo.
im the driver today. we meet at mcd around 8.30am.. as usual, im the 1st one to reach there again.. ^^, so i bought my breakfast at mcd. nvr eat mcd breakfast for so long time d, hot milo, mc muffin.. nice~.. 
few minute, my friend Tse Meng and Chuan yong reached.. they said they havent take their breakfast too.. so i drive tru again.. lolx.. 
after that, we went to fetch chun wen from his house and went to crystal point to fetch Yi Pin.. Yi pin waited us at the middle of the round about.. lolx!!!
around 9sumthg, everyone was in my car, tse meng, chun wen, chuan yong & yi pin... we started out journey to Bukit Merah~ wuhoo..
nthg more, we talk alot of crap while in the journey...
reach in Bukit Merah 10.15pm.. get our ticket with RM25 per person and we went in.. wuhoo.. due to early morning, there are not much people there.. we enjoy every game facilities there. the slide, the bollon, the boomerang, the wave pool, and many more..
we played until around 1.00pm, we went to bath and prepare to go back.. 
1.20pm, everyone was ready and we going back... when we going back, we decide to stop at buterworth to have out lunch.. so chun wen and chuan yong instruct the way to the restaurant.. its kinda ULU place at butterworth. when we reached, i was so shock that there are so many people waiting to eat in this ULU place.. wow.. the cook here must be fantastic.. 
we ordered some food, got hei pia (虾饼),steam fish, tofu, sotong and a bee hun.. dis five food is actually not enough for five of us, but still, we din call anymore cause 5 of this dishes aledi cost us RM108.00...
around 3pm, when we finish our meal and its on our way back penang, i suddenly feel like going drink d dessert from butterworth, ANG TAO GAH (红豆搅)which ah loon take me go before de. but i forgot how to go so i called loon.. and i try my best to follow the way he said, still, we lost.. and we lost in butterworth..


we try to find to way to penang bridge cause we wanted to go to queensbay, but we round and round and round, follow the instruct of chuan yong and finally we reached in JETTY.. zzz..
that means we cant go to queensbay but only 1st avenue.. lolx..
we take ferry bek to penang and we go to 1st avenue.. at there, we take the bridge from 1st avenue to prangin mall to buy some computer stuff..
i saw a headphone i want it so badly but i have not enough cash, so i din't buy it..zz
so after all these, we finally going back home.. i drop everyone of them back home and after that, i go to fetch wei on and meet sze sheng, wei zheng, and juin you in net city. lol..
been so tired but still i go to play game at net city.. so high.. lolx...
play play and play until 12 mid night, we end our game and going bek home.. i drop wei on at his house and i bek home.. 
reach home on 12.45am.. check out facebook, my fernny photo, and my fernny bloggie..
and the day ends..

the only thgs i regret for today is i din't take any picture for today...


prank EvenT for my farewell (BY old time band's brother)

9.04.2011 (DAY 1)
wake up at 6.45am. just to go CLHS BanD.. wuhoo.. lol..
for so long i nvr wake up so early d.. the feeling had came bek when the early woke..
feel so secondary life.. wake up in saturday and go to band.. miss it so much .. so so much..
bath and prepare everythg and start my journey to CLHS BAND ROOM.. 
reach in CLHS in 7.30am CHUN, as we promise to reach in this time in facebook event conner..  lolx.. saw sumthg farnee again. there were some traffic warden standing all around the school and bowing when there are car pass by.. i was so shock, how come chung ling boys become so respective?! lol..they just keep on bow and bow.. this is so damn, farnee and irritating..
so after parking my car at the usual parking sot i park i went to canteen wait for them. Still, im the 1st 1 to reach even i stay at balik pulau.. ^^
Wei Zheng come next..
Tse Meng after that..
i thk the others aledi gone, means not coming or overslept.. zzzz
so 3 of us take our breakfast at CLHS canteen.. the taste, wow.. supreme fantastic.. nvr change since i leave the place.. 2 of them take wan tan mee, and i take my high school Favorite, KOAY TEOW TH'ng, damn nice.. the cili padi inside the soup.. wow.. hard to describe it.. 
so after we ate, we went to band room.. the band room was so so so.. it might be normal to the others but it is really memorable things for us.. a place where we meet together, play together, fight together, do everythg together.. without the band room, there's no US now.. 
so we do most of the things we did last time when in band..
talk nonsense..
play drum..
take some picture..
most of the time is talking nonsense and laugh non-stop, cause that's what we do.. xD
when we was talking,Chun Wen,  Sze Sheng and Yi Pin came.. So, what else? prank together ler.. haha..
the great band room, place where we 1st meet...

it was 10.30pm, time to get those band ass to the field and marching!! the part i love the most..
nothing more, we did the same things again, drive car from band room to field, although it's quite near distance, but who care? we have license!! huhu~~ pranked again at there.. 
talk nonsense.. 
play with those band kids..
& i played the old time mace with my old time partener.. TSE MENG..
i use to be sergeant and he use to be drum major...


miss those time when in high school...
time goes fast, the time was at 11.30pm.. we started to hungry, so we went to MAC D.. the place we use to go when in secondary school time after the band practice.. *today was so old time* lolx.. 
but before that, we took a grand group photo.. like it so much..

memorable group photo..

so.. Mac D.. Mac D.. and talk alot of nonsense too..
after that everyone went back when it's 12.30pm...
so i fetch yi pin back to CLHS and fetch Dominic and wei On. Originally was planing to buy those things to for the Germany training trip, but lastly, it turn into NET CITY again.. lolx..
we played some game.. nothing more to explain, but something nice is we get some IMBA score in Counter Strike Source.. lolx... 

see the score?
wei on : 279
me: 264
dominic : 178
the others bot player.. highest was 16.. lolx

we went back around 6pm when NET CITY open the light as its too dark inside.. luckily it open the light, or else we wont realize that the time had aledi 6pm.. time flies..
drop them at their home, and i also went back home..
at night, me and my family take our dinner together at 1 of the famous CHU CHAR at balik pulau..
have a nice and peace dinner with my family, we chit-chat alot.. eat nice food.. and after that we went back..

night time.. fernny online again!!! wuhoo..miss her so so so so so so so  so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so damn much.. hehex... we webbie again..  

she was putting her lotion 
so cute~~~~!!!!

she hugging "lucky" which i gave it to her for this training trip..

with my lucky teddy dog, she will get all my luck from here.. hehe.. ^^
when she was in germany ,
she was so strong.. even im not beside her, but i noe she will be strong for me.. i know she will be strong and came bek with safe and knowledge for me, cause she promised me.. what she promise she will do it, this is my Fernny.. that's why i love her...
i love u my fernny, love u so much...
after few minute of webbie and chat, my wify go to rest and later gonna continue working.. 
and the night has come, i also went to sleep at mid night.. 

6.4.2011 wait for it.. wait for it...

today i was waiting my fernny to reach dubai and reach hamburg..
early in the morning, i was waked by my mom tru phone.. she called me go to dad shop and look after the shop as my dad fetching my grandma to island hospital.. ..
*BORED* looking after the shop was so bored
while looking after the shop, i was suppose to wait my fernny call from dubai international airport.
i wait..
wait.. and wait...
still waiting.
still waiting.... hehe (while looking after my dad shop)
 *life is bored here, only thgs is to wait*
finally, wuhoo, my fernny online and im so so so so damn exited to see she online.. she reach in dubai safely on around 9am.. wuhoo.. so miss her.. chat with her, webbie with her..
feel so glad i got her.. mwahx.. love her so much..
the line at dubai was so suck.. cant even talk to my wify veli comfortable. but nvm, as long she is safe, im veli happy d.. she said dat dubai airport is too big to walk walk, sked later walk den cant get bek to the terminal in time.. lolx.. my wify talk also so cute.. 
wify in dubai..

chat chat and webbie webbie.. time hits 12 sumthg... its time for my wify to depart from dubai to hamburg d..
sobz sobz.. gonna miss her again in dis time... my wify going off d.. we said bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye for so many time.. sob sobz...
meanwhile, my dad came bek from town too.. so i hav lunch and went back home, due to too emo again.,lolx..
went back home.. so bored.. and i started to search in pps.. 
wuhoo, saw two movie dat its not on cinema yet..
so i watched it.. (blog started become bored as i hav nthg to write,, zzz)
the 1st movie i watch is the gnomeo and juliet.. 

it's a farnee and love cartoon story, it's kinda nice too. actually this movie is suppose to watch together with fernny, but she not with me now. emo emo.. lagi add on its a love story.. lagi emo emo emo.. watch movie also i emo.. lolx..
the next movie i watch is the S.W.A.T firefight. 

this movie was so damn nice.. mens are so yeng, womens are so hot, lolx.. it's a nice movie, with nice story line.. erm.. nice gun. nice team building.. lol.. everythg was so nice..
finally, time pass in fast, its 8pm aledi.. wuhoo.. 
have my dinner as usual and waited for my fernny again. time run non-stop but i still can't get any news update from fernny as she not yet online.. i started to worry again.. 
times on 9pm.. she should be arrive by now, why still no news? argh.. hate dis kinda feeling
i went to fernny mail box and search for the time arrive to confirm, it should be now a.. den saw kim lay (fernny best buddy) chat me, actually is chat fern den i use fern acc to online.. lolx.. so i tell her im not fern and fern will arrive soon.. 
time pass..
my worried was getting more and more.. donnoe where to release my stress and worried.. so.. the only way.. spam facebook... argh..~~ still cant control my feeling now.. its so complicated..
time flew..
started to ki siao liao.. luckily got few friend came to comfort me. i noe u guys was jz chatting with me but still thanks u all very very much..
the time 11.58pm i saw somethg pop up from the right bottom conner of my laptop screen..
the mood suddenly cant change back to happy and my tears drop again.. (may be is too happy d)
saw my fernny was so so pek chek. she pek chek abt all thgs in there(can be found out what she complain in her blog) see she like dat i also feel so hard for her..
so i comfort her in my own style, xD.. call her to be relax sumthg...
and finally i can see a cute cute smile from her face.. what a cute smile.. the smile was so so the way i like.. 
love her so much.. see she smile, i happy back again..
i think that's all for today.. 
the days end with a good warm night..
fernny sleep after the chat, and i sleep after the chat..

germany time 8sumthg, malaysia time 2sumthg..


5.4.2011 my Girl get the Future

today was the day my fernny depart from penang to kl to dubai and lastly arrive at HamBurG..
wake up in the early morning 9.30am and went to look after my mom's shop as my mom went to medical check up..
the day was so bright, shine and good, but my mood was going down and down..
as usual and the last time i morning called my fernny on 11am and as usual she woke on 12pm, lolx.. 
i was being emo and moody for whole noon while working, work like a zombie.. no feel, no emotion.
went back home on 1pm due to too emo.. zzz 
when i was at home, i started to think our past, it was so lovely, so sweet when me n fernny was together.. and then this make me cry and cry and cry..
while cry and cry.. the time hits 4.00pm, it was time to fetch my fernny.. haix..
reach my fernny's house in 4.30pm... called my fernny, my fernny call me go up and help her to carry the luggage... haha.. the luggage was so heavy.. but i still strong ^^ (as wify says) xD

when everything settle in the car, we start our journey to airport. between that, we took alot lot lot of picture... here are some of it..
people might feel geli.. but i feel so sweet, i dont care what people said.. ^^

we smile and we cry together in the car.. the scene was so farnee and sweet.. it let me know that leaving someone you really care about is so hard. it pain through the heart. so emo.. cry like hell.. zzz

we reached Penang international airport and my fernny says " har!? 槟城的飞机场这样的啊? ".. lolx! she never been to airport i think.. a girl with no experience and now she step on her 1st step. so farnee.. from there i took some picture again.. lolx..  

 wify and penang international airport.. xD

 with my new Tx-7 panorama function.

 panorama.. wuhoo...
when we reached we went to eat mcd which is what we eat when the first date of it.. it makes me think back the past when my fernny answer my propose. xD her face was so red and she was so hot.. i mean real hot.. hehe..

 hehex.. wify.. it come out on my post leh.. hehe

while we was chit-chating, her parents came. her mom come and sit with us and surprisely i get an ang pau from fernny mom... wuhoo.. she said safe trip yea.. hehe.. feel so happy when talking with her mom and dad.. it make me no gap between us.. u all know wad i mean rite? hehe.. of cz, we also meet up with kirsten (if i din spell wrong her name, paiseh yea.. )

few minute later, me, fernny & her family, kirsten and her family went to the check in baggage place to check in those baggage. my fernny bag so heavy. lolx..

fernny and kirsten bag...

after that, we continue talk talk and walk the way to the check in point.. to mention again, so happy to talk with her family.. hehe
and time to emo again....
kirsten came to call fernny.. she said is time to go in to check in point.. sobz sobz... T.T
fernny going in d.. sobz sobz...
wad i can do is jz wave my hand.. and say bye bye.. but in my heart, she aledi been hug with me in long time d lur.. i love u baby... love u so much....

 baby before going in check in point

fernny going in d.. sobz sobz T.T

k ler bye bye fernny.. i love u.. bye bye.. bye bye.. bye bye.. she walk in with a smile and wave hand.. as long she was happy, and i will be happy.. i love u.. 
i walk back to my car with her parents. thx god her parents willing to accompany me or else i will cry at airport again.. zzz
i cried cried cried cried in the car when drive bek the way to balik pulau.. (as i promise my wify i should not cry in the airport and only cry in my car, cz she dowan to see me sad.. i did it wify, i did it. mwahx)
so sad.. so sad.. haix..
luckily went i reach home, many many facebook news and friends chat with me, make me forget the painess, thx to all my friend.. 
the time hits 9pm, i started to worry why my fernny still not yet called me, she should be arrive in kl 8 sumthg..
and finally she called.. phew.. have a nice and sweet talk with her.. miss her voice so much.. and we webbie~ wuhoo.. 

fernny wify in webbie.. still so cute.. mwahx!

fernny said that the hot lemon tea in the old town in KLIA was too expensive, hehe.. she show her cute cute emotion to me.. so sweet...and we also talk about lot lots of things.. sweet sweet things..
ok.. the days end with a sweet chatting with my fernny and will go to bed when my fernny go in the flight to dubai....
to fernny : 
 love u fernny..  take care and have a safe trip..
hubby wait you always.. and love you always..
i love you~


the StarT and the LasT . .

as the title said..
today was a start and a last for me..

4.4.2011 this is my first time to write my blog.. huhu.. the purpose of this blog is actually a place for me to release my feeling which i can't find a people to talk to while my dearest fernny went to germany and i still at penang.. T.T. so it might be quite funky as that's my style.. lolx.

4.4.2011 woke up 10am in the morning and i gave a morning call to my fernny as usual. and always as usual, my fernny wanted to sleep for few more minute and hour..= ="..
so i went to bath everythg and wanted to called fernny again.. manatau, she called bek and she said she aledi get ready.. lolx.. (farnee huh my fernny ?)

ok.. next
fetching my fernny.. miss my fernny so much even few days din't see her.. we had lunch at
kopitiam named genting and b4 that we went to wash some photo.. fernny was so happy when she saw the photo is done.. ( the smile.. the smile which is a cure for me in everythg, love it so much)


we went to citi bank, nothing more, we waited for about 1 hour and get a card.. surprisly that the atm card was also a debit card.. which mean i can get easier to use $$ in germany.. hiak hiak..xD

oh yea. i have my hair cut today too.
my hair style was totally different now.. lolx.. might look farnee, but its neat. hehe

after that, we went back home.. (balik pulau, my home), to bath everythg and prepare to go pat tor again. we took alot of photo while was in my house. after dat, we went to balik pulau, sungai pinang there to have our dinner.. our dinner was "loh bak" "tong sui" and "hu moi" lolx! taste was so nice and so kampung stlye.. lovely..


went pat tor around 7pm..
nothing more, we watch a movie, HOP. huhu.. the rabbit in the movie was so cute.. so so cute..

here comes the emo story again..

on the way back home, i was thinking the day when my fernny was not here, and i started to cry again.. haix.. i don like leaving. why must be leaving.. haix.. leaving hurts.. when i cried, fernny followed. lolx! cry.. two teen cry in the car.. so down so emo..
my friend prashant said before "i like to walk under the rain because no one can see me crying" but why la, no rain also i cry out.. haix.. cant tahan the leaving feeling..

today was a start of my hair stlye life
it was also a last date with my fernny

i will miss her so badly.
miss her..

the day end with an emo emo feeling.. sad feeling.... crying night...