prank EvenT for my farewell (BY old time band's brother) DAY 3

wake up at early morning 8am to fetch my grandma to island hospital. reach at island hospital at 9.15am sumthg due to stupid traffic jam!! hate traffic jam so much but nvm, i wont drive a car anymore for coming 6 month ^^..
after dropping my grandma at island hospital, i went to settle all my money for this germany trip, finally i got RM3892.00 in my citi bank account, hope i can survive with those money..
went back to fetch my grandma at 11.30am and grandma wanted to go sunshine.. for so many years i nvr been there d, sunshine farlim.. so we went to sunshine and it did not open yet, lolx.. we wait until 12pm, the sunshine opened. we take a short walk, grandma bought some "pong pia" and some coffee.. 
we went back after that, it's about 1.30pm sumthg..
take my lunch, back home prepare all my stuff, camera, hand phone, cash, credit card, i called juin yu to go out earlier as the farewell dinner is on 7.30pm and i wanted to buy some stuff. so, at around 2.45pm, after webbie with my lovely fernny, i went out to fetch juin you, and straight we go to Prangin mall.. lolx..
straight i went to 5th floor to buy the headphone i saw on sunday. bought it with RM70.00 and d original price is RM79.00.. seems like i improve my skill of bargain. huhu.. after that we went to watson to buy some stuff for my germany trip, i bought shampoo, body shampoo, tooth paste, lip gloss, wash face eh, moisturizer, lotion, cotton bot and vitamin C, dis cost me around RM115.00.. zzzz!! so expensive, suddenly feel like "mom always bought such expensive thgs!?" after paying the money, we take a walk at prangin mall as juin yu was finding the price for htc desire HD.. lolx. 
after a few minute walk, we went to tesco, also cause of i need to buy somethg for germany trip..
reach tesco and we have a walk, and i bought some milo, sambal undang, and some pack of tea herbal chicken marination packing thgs..
time flies, few more minute, it's 6.45pm already, we pay for the thgs and we go to queensbay, reach at 7.00pm. we went to NIPPON japanese restaurant make the booking 1st for 7 people, 7.45pm and we go for a walk.. look around.. talk... 
the time was 7.45pm, we went in NIPPON, and wait for their arrive.. 
wei zheng, chun wen, and yi pin arrive then.. they come in and we started our conversation as usual, we talk lots of rubbish, take photo, take lots of stupid video.. the whole restaurant was surrounded by our noise. lol..
we take our order 1st and after that, tse meng and chuan yong reached. so, continue, our rubbish talk and the food is here, even when we are eating, we still talking non stop.. the food there was nice, chili ramen (soup) was supreme hot n spicy. the soup of it still got leveling, top level 40, and we challenge level 20..( it enough to die).. there are some picture of us.. enjoy~
 the menu~

 trying to take some artistic photo, but.. hope..

 see those face? u can imagine how crazy we are.. ^^

 i feel this more nicer ler

 my food~ katsu don and some salmon.. damn enjoy~

 level 20! lolx

 Japanese dumpling

 wei zheng order katsu wad wad set.. (japanese name) lol

 another japanese name food.. zz

another japanese name food AGAIN~

after finish up our food, we ask a staff from the restaurant to take a group photo, but it ends up like this.. 

so u know wad this mean?

after the sound 1,2,3, he press on the snap button but he din realize he just press a video record before this. zz. the staff there prank us with his stupidity group photo shooting skill! lol.. we laugh at this and repeating see this "group photo".. 
we went out of the restaurant and we cant stop laughing all this prank prank thg had happen.
we took alot of video, video can be found at my facebook profile and this 

 have a walk walk and talk talk, and we also went in boders book store.. 
look at those magazine and those prank prank books, lol.. we laugh again.. 


even in the book store, we still cant control our noise as we are still laughing abt  all these prank stuff.. all people around are staring at us. zz 
we walk at queensbay until the whole queensbay at closing operation, around 10.30pm and we went off to some place to drinks.. drinks means coffee or tea, no alcohol.. xD

 take order. milo panas~~ wuuu~~~

ikan pangang (quite fail)

we went to a small malay stall place, the scene there are quite nice and windy..  we order some drinks and food. the food there are not nice.. drinks are too but scene are nice, cause behind was the sea and can see the penang bridge and pulau jerejak nicely...
finally, time going to 12am, we all are going back.. i fetching yi pin and all going back home..
i get alot of wishes from them, safe trip, gud luck everythg, feel so happy and touching.. 
before leaving, of cz, a group photo, this time was a real group photo, no more prank..

my lovely prank brothers~

send yi pin home and i also went back home.. reach home safely on 12.45am sumthg..
feel so glad and happy, i have a 3 days farewell party with those prank prank brothers...
im here to thanks all of my brothers..


thanks all of u guys, u guys really made my days, 3days.. thanks u all.. i wont forgot u guys.. will prank with u guys again when i return~ JANGAN TUNGGU LAGIIIIII~ (my favorite quote when i was too high ^^) 

the day end with webbie with fernny and some tears drop on my pillow cause of missing every single thgs in PENANG.
. miss u guys alwayzzzzz..~



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